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DRCS(Digital Reactivity Computer System

  • DRCS(Digital Reactivity Computer System) is a mandatory equipment used for LPPT(Low Power Physic Test)-ANS/ANSI 19.6.1_ in Korean PWR(Pressurized Water Reactor).
  • DRCS receives a rapidly changing signal from the Ex-Core(Uncompensated Ion Chamber or Fission Chamber), measured and processes digitally. (Significant improvement in the reliability of measurements over traditional analog installations)
  • The core operating variable of Reactivity, Neutron Flux and RCS(Reactor Coolant System) Temperature should be monitored in real time.
  • Reactor core characteristics are automatically analyzed using the analysis software, as well as safe monitoring of the reactor conditions.(Analysis Item : POAH(Point Of Adding Heat), BEP(Boron End Point), ITC(Isothermal Temperature Coefficient), Rod Worth Measurement(SWAP, DCRM))
  • Compatible for all PWR and HWR(Heavy Water Reactor) use